KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 - Page 11

John Gibs, Product Manager Agfa Licensing Software, Agfa, Belgium Congratulations to the whole team at Wibu-Systems! Working with you for the past eight years has been a pleasure. We are looking forward to securely growing our business together. Where did the idea of CodeMeter originate? [Marcellus] Before the Internet, software was burned on a CD and shipped in a box; adding a dongle was a no-brainer. In the Internet age, CDs became obsolete and software was all downloaded, which completely changed the rules of the game. Threats multiplied, allowing us in turn to grow our market share, but at the same time we had to rethink the concept of the product itself. We ended up envisioning a dongle which could be shared by many software publishers, but strictly programmable and upgradable at the end user’s computer. After lot of brainstorming we came up with the idea that the name for this new product would be “CodeMeter” to express the purpose of the technology, namely that the “metering” aspect related to the use of software, so that the act of measuring could be used as an attribute of the source code. Even the busiest people need to take a break sometimes level. Last but not least, competition and new security threats challenge our brain and ensure we continuously evolve our products. CodeMeter seems to be a complex product. How can it be described simply? Being the CEO of a company for 25 years is not an easy business; what is your way to keep a clear vision of the future strategies you want to pursue? [Oliver] WIBU-SYSTEMS’ first core value is to be of service to our customers so that their business can expand, once their assets are protected. And for that we listen closely to customers’ wishes; they are an incredible source of ideas due to their diversity in their markets, cultures, and perspectives. Further, we try to anticipate the market trends, and that’s where our active role in several international business organizations and standardization bodies lets our imagination flies to a different [Marcellus] In our early years our attention was fully taken by dongles as they represent the utmost security level when it comes to software protection. But we also knew that the criteria for adopting such a technology would sometimes include other circumstances, like at times the impossibility to connect to hardware at the end user’s site, or a peculiar license distribution model, or a security solution so advanced that it was the most expensive part of the application. This is why we added CmActLicense to our portfolio. It still resides under the same CodeMeter umbrella, because licenses can actually be stored in a mix of containers, all handled by the same core technology. CodeMeter is still involved when it comes to the creation, management, and distribution of licenses, but now it’s a different layer of the CodeMeter technology – License Central. License Central interfaces with hardand soft-license holders and streamlines the whole process in conjunction with the existing business ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems in place. Who are WIBU-SYSTEMS’ ideal customers? [Oliver] Essentially we are coming across two main user groups. One uses PC software in office environments, while the other consists of manufacturers that deal with industrial applications and embedded devices. The former is gradually implementing a centralized license Christian Vardin, President, ControlEng, Canada Happy 25th Birthday. We first started using WibuKey back in 2004 to protect our flagship product “SERVOsoft”. We now use CodeMeter for both protection and license management. Thanks for responding so quickly over the years to our requests and the requests of our customers and distributors. 11