KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 | Page 10

I N F O R M AT I O N Live from the drivers’ seats 1989-2014: “25 years propelling your business to new heights” is a bold statement that only exceptional company founders and top managers can make. In this interview, Oliver Winzenried, CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, and Marcellus Buchheit, CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS USA, Inc., reveal some exclusive details about their personal journey and the ingredients of their special recipe which made them achieve a long-term vision and gain world recognition as one of the top three leading vendors in software protection, licensing, and security. When did the two of you meet, and what caused you to form Wibu-Systems? [Marcellus] Oliver and I first met at the Karlsruhe University while we were working on a mixed software/hardware project for the university’s amateur radio station. Over the next couple of years, while still attending classes during the day, we developed several custom-specific projects at night. They were all successful and this made us confident that we could create a product that we could sell to the mass market. We 6