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This month ’ s “ Now On The Tee ” Student Spotlight is :

Ivan Hornett

Each month Ivan is one of the top students on the Op36 app in our community . Keep up the great work Ivan !
Let ’ s get to know Ivan Hornett with our Golf & Fun Spotlight Questions :
When did you start playing golf ? On and off since high school but got serious last summer .
What or who got you interested in golf ? Friends .
What is your favorite course ? WP9 .
What is your current focus in your golf game ( what are you trying to improve right now )? Hitting more greens .
What do you love about golf ? Early morning tee times , meeting different kinds of people and the games within the game .
Favorite club in your bag ? Sand Wedge .
Which kind of shot makes you the most nervous or is the most difficult on the course ? Par 3 over water .
What ’ s your favorite color ? Blue .
What ’ s your favorite food ? Mexican or Thai .
Who is your favorite PGA or LPGA player ? Some of my favorites are Mr . Palmer , Phil , Inbee Park , Danielle Kang , Viktor Hovland and Harry Higgs .
When you ’ re not playing or practicing golf , what is your favorite thing to do ? Watching movies or playing with my cats .
What are your golfing goals ? Never travel without clubs again and to have a single digit handicap .
What is something ( s ) you did in the Learning Center you really enjoyed ? Competitive drills during practice with the pros . Plus , OP36 as a whole is really fun .
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