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Pace of Play ! The Do ’ s and Don ’ ts to Ensure You ’ re Getting it Right
Pace of play is a part of the game that many recreational players either don ’ t understand or don ’ t value the importance of . Too often the everyday golfer see ’ s PGA Tour players taking their time to hit every single shot and think that ’ s the “ secret ” to playing good golf . The truth is , on the PGA Tour , pace of play can be incredibly slow . Let ’ s talk about what a good pace of play should be , and some examples of mistakes golfers make that cause slow play on the course .
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Insight on happenings on the PGA & LPGA Tours and relating it to recreational golf !

Good Pace of Play Concepts :
It ’ s important to note the number of golfers on the entire course does have a direct impact on pace of play . For example , on a busy Saturday morning the pace of play may be a bit slower than on a Tuesday afternoon . However , even during busy times , golfers should be able to achieve a proper pace of play . In terms of actual time , a good pace of play would be 2:08 for 9 holes or 4:15 minutes for 18 holes ( particularly on a busy day ). We see many groups finish in under four hours all the time . One myth about pace of play I want to clear up is bad golf takes longer . This is totally false . Regardless of skill level , if golfers avoid the oncourse mistakes that cause slow play , all skill levels can play golf with good pace of play . Another way to evaluate pace of play for your group would be to pay attention to the group playing ahead of you and behind you . If your group is keeping up with the group in front of you , you ’ re doing the best you can to achieve a good pace of play . If you notice the group behind you is always waiting on you to finish a hole or shot ( and there isn ’ t a group in front of you ), that would be a sign the group you are in needs to pick up the pace some .
On-Course Errors Leading to Pace of Play Problems :
Let ’ s identify some common errors I see regularly causing pace of play problems :
• Not Playing Ready Golf – Playing ready golf means as soon as the first person is ready to hit their shot , they should do so even if technically it may be someone else ’ s turn . If it ’ s safe to do so , play ready golf and you will see your pace of play improve .
• Never Walking When Using a Golf Cart – Using a golf cart is certainly a part of playing golf for most people and that ’ s totally fine . The issue is too many golfers think they will always drive directly to their golf ball to hit their shot . After hitting tee shots , drive to the closest ball of your or your partners off the tee . Once there ( assuming it ’ s also safe to do so ) let your partner choose their club and then drive over to your ball . Your partner can walk to meet you at the cart further down the hole .
• Missing the Green on Approach Shots and Only Taking Just Your Wedge – Too often I see golfers miss the green on their approach shots . They only grab their wedge to hit their shot but forget to grab their putter as well . Make sure to grab your wedge and putter to save some time .
• Parking the Golf Cart Closer to the Front of the Green – As golfers approach the putting green on the cart path , too often they stop the cart and park it near the front of the green . To save time make sure to drive the cart to the back side of the green . This will allow you to walk off the backside heading towards the next hole . This allows players waiting to hit behind you to proceed sooner and gets your group heading to the next hole sooner .