June/July 2022 ASCE-NH Newsletter June/July 2022 - Page 11

Evolving Towards Seamless Visuals in the Digital Age
By : Sophie Haddock Landscape Designer & Assistant Land Planner TFMoran , Inc .
As our world modernizes and design programs advance , we see a trend in clients looking for visuals that utilize the latest technology to provide accurate and lifelike models . While still worthwhile , hand drawings pose a challenge when design modifications are needed . Computer programs provide the flexibility for the designer to make revisions seamlessly . This efficiency is valuable to both the client and the designer .
Most high-quality rendering programs available today work hand in hand with AutoCAD to bring realistic context to designs . AutoCAD provides the base map , so that every plant , swale , and light pole can be placed exactly where it is intended . Using a program such as “ SketchUp ”, buildings or other architectural elements can be created or imported . To add fine detail , a highquality rendering program such as Lumion can be used for realistic detail as well as other life elements , such as weather , people , and animations .
Using today ’ s rendering software allows engineers and landscape architects to provide remarkably lifelike and accurate representations of the environment they are creating . The use of a consistent scale allows clients to see what their building will look like from various perspectives , and how effective their screening will be . Programs like these also provide an opportunity to design backward : the sizes , colors , and textures of plants are visually displayed , allowing the designer to see the full picture and find ideal positions before reflecting back onto a 2-dimensional landscape plan . As technology advances , we continue to evolve and provide exceptional visuals for our clients . These technologies enable designers to be their most creative and clients to understand concepts in a remarkably lifelike form .
Digital renderings created with Lumion software