June/July 2022 ASCE-NH Newsletter June/July 2022 | Page 13

2022 ASCE-NH Annual Meeting Summary Scholarship Awards / Outstanding Civil Engineering Award ( OCEA )
Required by a Consent Decree between the EPA , NHDES , and the City , the project increased the Peirce Island WWTF ’ s design flow to 6.1 MGD with a peak flow of 22 MGD . The City ’ s Final Wastewater Master Plan recommended high rate , small footprint treatment technologies to provide secondary treatment . This recommendation was made due to the fact that the upgraded WWTF was required by the City to fit within the existing fence line of the existing WWTF , an area of only 3.7 acres . Based on the results of a pilot testing program , the use of a two-stage Veolia Water Technologies BIOSTYR™ Biological Aerated Filter ( BAF ) to provide secondary treatment and nitrogen removal was recommended , the first of its kind in New Hampshire . The first stage of the BAF accomplishes both carbon oxidation and nitrification while the second stage is designed for denitrification . The $ 92 million Peirce Island WWTF Upgrade project was recently completed after more than four years of construction . The BAF began operation in early 2020 . Effluent from the facility has been below the effluent quality requirements since it began operation . In particular , the nitrogen removal performance has confirmed the facility can achieve 3 mg / L , reducing the nitrogen load to Great Bay .
We want to thank Mr . Desmarais and Mr . Meserve for an interesting and informational presentation .
If you were involved in a commendable project deemed worthy of an OCEA , please provide an application for the 2023 award prior to the December deadline . Applications can be found on the ASCE NH section website . Applications may be submitted by the individual firms or agencies involved in the projects . In order to be considered by the jury , applications must meet the eligibility and entry requirements .