July Newsletter 2020

JULY 2020 ISSUE 07 THE ORCHARDS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OF THE ORCHARDS COMMUNITY VISITING YOUR LOVED ONES Visitation and spending time with your loved one has taken many forms in recent months. At times, it is simply a phone call that can lift the spirits of our residents. Virtual communication has become very relevant in our lives here at The Orchards. Many residents having never used social media before this year. Visits at the windows have taken place for many families. The Orchards’ parades were enjoyable thanks to our community and the family and friends of our residents. Our newest adventure is the creation of our Visitation Centers. These centers are designed to keep our most vulnerable generation safe from the virus that still lurks about. The window, open walls and ceiling allow for our residents and guests to enjoy each-others company while maintaining social distancing. If you would like to visit through one of our designated areas, please contact the building to schedule your visit. The Orchards of Saxonburg and East Liverpool will soon be up and running! IN THIS ISSUE Helping Hands P.1 Parades P.2 Welcome P.3 Upcoming Events P.4 Retirement P.6 Graduates P.10