Journaled Volume Two | Page 7

I can ignore for now

These woes make up this song

Then when my eyes get too heavy

It's back to my dreamland

With you walking towards me

And some priest waiting

I want to see you in white silk and lace

I want to weigh down your hand with a diamond

I want to make your father give you away

I want to soothe your nightmares

And make your dreams come true

But I'm just sleeping this stuff up

So when I wake up

I need to get the wheels turning

I can't eat

Cause I'm thinking to fix this

Make dreams our life

But only foolish thoughts arise

Let's go on deal or no deal

I don't understand the rules

But they give you money like fools

Someday somehow

I will make you mine

If that's your desire

And I go to sleep

Full of bliss

As you wear white silk and lace

With your hand weighed by a diamond

Your father hands you off

Our nightmares are soothed

I guess dreams can come true