Journaled Volume Two | Page 6

A Poet's Thoughts

Dreams of White Silk and Lace

By Charles Martin Castle IV

I can't sleep

Cause I'm thinking of you

Thoughts so pure

But I can't put them into words

I stay up late thinking more

And I type them into my phone

The best that I can put them

And they make up this song

Then when I finally fall

The dreams of my desires

Fill my brain and continue

The thoughts of you

I want to see you in white silk and lace

I want to weigh down your hand with a diamond

I want to make your father give you away

I want to soothe your nightmares

And make your dreams come true

But I'm just sleeping this stuff up

So when I wake up

I need to get the wheels turning

Then I wake up

Thinking of how to make dreams true

Thoughts so pure

But I can't pay for this reality

I stay up late worrying about bills

Doing math and seeing what