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Bringing you total market coverage! IN PRINT — MOBILE — ONLINE People turn to us more than all other media combined to find out what’s happening in Johnson County. LIVING Joshua nativ e firs athlete spon t equestrian sored by Nike Cleburne Tim es-Review mo available for Apple, Kindle bile app and Android /ctrnews PAGE B1 Weekend news Edition | November 18 cleburnetim esr eview. , 2017 Joshua h olds hear ing on pr oposed a nnexatio n Find us on City coun cil farmer ’s m approves arket original pro vote in July position failed by a 3-0 ments, moving forw . The council discuss B Y A SHLEY ed why but he doesn’t und R OSE to annex the ard with the propos the city wan REPORT erst ER @ TRC ts to annex and LE . COM ing an Au properties again dur al land so quickl the gust meetin y. - decided The Joshua to offer g where they of “I think the meat and Cit y agreement Cou public hea s to proper development to this thing is that we potatoes ring to disc ncil held a the ty don be annexe they want owners in proposed are to bring into uss the land d,” Wallac ’t want a. “W e’v Joh Thursday e said. the city on e nev nson night at Wallace said County resident Jim nexed. Tha er wanted to be Hall. Joshua Cit an- t’s no secret. they’ve talk y the ” He said ed abo annexa The counci months and tion for months ut lic hearing instead of holding tion proces l started the annexa and pub- apprec s wh s over aga - in after the changing some iates the city for their opinions ere citizens voice but don’t con guage in get any the develo fusing lan- feedback from pment agr the counci ee- l, it See JOSH Staying o all platform s 24/7 | cle burnetim Johnson County resident Jim Wallace ask the Joshua s City Council not to an- nex his lan the land d and surround- ing him into city limits the Thursday during meeting. night’s He asked why the council felt like the to annex y had the erty so qui prop- ckly. UA, Pag e A8 n target Ashley Ros e/CTR Advocates for the children CASA vo lu step in to nteers help B Y M ONICA EDITOR @ TRC F ARAM LE . COM Johnso n Count y Sheriff ’s Office Deputy Ryan Ge JCSO ta ctical tea B M m plans S for the @ Y MSMITH ATT heb als o serves as a me MITH TRCLE . COM mber of JCSO’s Emergenc y Respon se Team. best, pre pares for the Jessica Pounds/CT R “The bigges t question It’s about the situatio is, what’s n?” Henry pushing walk instead learning not to run wh knocking en you can shooter situation you said. “For an acti , Emergenc Johnson County She ve but no, doors off the hinges get thin y Respon gs done. Tha need to go. You nee riff ’s Office it’s not like and rushin se Team d Henry said t’s But wh me at oth you sign up to is not to use them that,” King said. “Ou g in mber Bry . an down, er times it’s, ‘Hey, at all r goa for. essary, not Henry is one let’ not to rush into unless absolutely nec l s slow thin speed them of 11 on JCS SWAT, team situations.” gs That said - up.” Suc O’s tactical . realize the , King and Henry , or She h sentiments are welcome riff Adam bot rea h said lity of today’s words to such situatio King’s ear world and they s. “You wat ns unf the fac ortu why King ch TV and tagged dev nately arise. Which t see SWAT elopment teams of a top rate is See TARG ET, worst In the stat aged out of e of Texas, 1,250 chi without a foster care in 2016 ldren hom and are Court Appoi e. nted Special Executive Advocates Dir ecto r shared the Kathy Mc Wednesda staggering statistic Clure y’s Clebur ne Lions Clu during cheon. b lun- “Think sitting dow about next week, as there’s 1,2 n for Thanksgiving you’re 50 childre , that n foster care and are wit who aged out of have nowher hout a fam ily e McClure to go,” McClure said and teers and the spoke about CASA . volun- state of fos Johnson ter care. foster car County has 245 chi e ldren in she said. and 92 CASA vol unteers, “They’re volunteers,” “They go she thro fore a judge ugh training and said. go and be- are sworn vocate for in as dren are tak children. When tho an ad- se picks a chi en into care, an adv chil- and they wal ld they want to wo ocate rk with child is in k with them as lon g as that the system .” The vol the child unteers are required onc court to voi e a month and app to visit ommendation ce their concerns ear in and rec- s to the jud “Our jud ge. very conserv ges in Johnson Cou nty are very concer ative,” she said. “Th children and ned in the welfare ey’re other person they’re not lookin of the g for ’s opinion, like a lawyer an- or 6Stones, C leburne R eal Estate in Action repair Cle burne hom e Page A9 Homeowne loves the r, 70, help See CASA , Page A8 will finish up their wo is also 6St one’s 100th rk today. It CREA is ma project. 6Stones de up par B Y A SHLEY gov ernments, tners with local professionals and ind of real estate R OSE businesses, volunteers REPORT ustry-relate and other ER @ TRC churches LE . COM non and Capital from Texas Real Est d to help tho profit organizati ate ons assist resi Title of Texas LLC partnered se in need. They’v Rebekah Bra dents in the to wit e h dfo munity, acc the citi rd of knew she burne, Hu ording to local com- needed som Cleburne rst, Euless es of Cle- page. its Facebook make repairs , Bedford e help to Richland Hil , ls, on Wa 6St her tauga and home, but man. didn’t kno Ever- tor Rod ones Community Coo she w how to rdina- ney Gattis start. The organi 6Stones and said the clean zation Cleburne tate in Act Real Es- with Cleburne’s Com joined forces some up Bradford’s yard, y will ion partne of her fen rep ered Rev munity Pow red to rep Bradford’s ce, conduc lace italization - minor air house on Friday and help preserve and program to front roof repair and pai t some porch. nt the revitalize city and its the structures. $1.50 SATURD AYS • 75¢ WEEKD AYS SERVING See HOME , Page A8 OUR CO MMUNIT 817-645-2441 • 100 YEARS! 108 S. Anglin St., Cleburne, TX 76033 Visit www.c Gary Hill Texas Rea of Estate ope l an electric rates to cut rem saw of the bac nants porch of k a 6Stones home and Cleburne Estate in Real repaired Action on Friday. CR EA is made up realtors of local who assist res in the loc idents munity. al com- leburneti Y FOR O mesrevie for VER the latest stories, ph otos and video from Ashley Ros e/CTR 20 PAGES Johnson • VOLUME 108 • NO. 231 County.