Joshua Community Guide 2020 | Page 8

J Joshua growing at a steady speed oshua still has that small town at- mosphere, but city officials said they are seeing growth coming over the next couple of years. The city, which dates back to about 1867, retains history while looking forward to what the future holds. From its agriculture beginnings to the present day array of both mom and pop shops and industry, Joshua is business friendly and also a great place to raise a family. In the six years City Manager Josh Jones has been in his position, he said he’s seeing some growth. “That expectation is currently proving correct as we’ve seen a num- ber of residential plats approved as more folks look to move to Joshua to get out of the hustle and bustle of the main part of the [Dallas-Fort Worth] Metroplex,” Jones said. “Also, and what I’m most excited about right now, is the commercial develop- ment we’re seeing, especially in the Joshua Station area.” In 2018 through the city’s Type A Economic De- velopment Corporation, they invested in the area by purchasing some of the land in Joshua Station to use as an economic develop- ment incentive to try to spur the type of activity they thought they were going to get when the land was initially devel- oped. “That expectation came to a halt when the economy bottomed out in 2008, and we’re just now seeing the result of the resurgent local econ- omy,” he said. “The decision we 8 Joshua Community Guide made partner with a private devel- oper to be a catalyst to additional de- velopment is looking very positive right now. Activity breeds, more ac-