Joseph Brant Hospital 2017 Annual Report JBH Annual Report 2017 final | Page 5

Message from the President & CEO and Board Chair We are very excited about what lies ahead for Joseph Brant Hospital. We have also seen some remarkable accomplishments in patient care areas throughout the hospital including: 2016-2017 has been a year of careful preparation as we plan for our move to the new seven-storey Patient Tower in August 2017. With over a decade of planning, twenty eight months of construction, many months of operational readiness and transition planning meetings, we are on our way to begin a new chapter of healthcare at our community hospital. • We are all very proud and excited about the opening of the new Patient Tower. We are grateful to have led such a dedicated and hard-working team through this project and to have worked so collaboratively with our communities. Together, we rose to the challenge and we continue to strive to meet the expectations of the people that we serve. Looking ahead, we intend to formally launch our recently developed five-year strategic plan in the fall of 2017. We are eager to present the next chapter in our journey to serve our patients, their families/ caregivers and the Burlington and area community. Informed by the voices of our physicians, staff, patients, public and partners over an extensive nine-month planning process, this strategic plan was driven by an inter-professional team called the One Team that was comprised of members from the Board of Directors, the Medical Advisory Committee, the Medical Staff Association and Senior Management Team. Our focus on the considerable engagement of multiple stakeholders throughout the development of our strategy is a defining feature and one of which we are most proud. Every year, we see ongoing improvements and new accomplishments at JBH that make a real difference in the lives of our patients. With a hospital focused on our people and our processes, here are some of our successes during 2016-2017: Through our focus on LEAN methodologies and continuous quality improvements we introduced GEMBA Walks at JBH. 100 percent of hospital departments were visited by the Senior Management Team through 89 distinct scheduled visits. Leadership heard directly from hospital staff members about the work they do with a focus on their process and improvement needs. • • J  BH readmission rates are performing better than the performance rates established for the HNHB LHIN and the Province JBH Alternative Level of Care (ALC) rates are the best in the HNHB LHIN JBH Pharmacy received full Accreditation and the program was acknowledged for the new standards for the non-hazardous sterile room. This past year has also seen its challenges. JBH finished the 2016- 2017 fiscal year with an operating deficit of $3.2 million. Although we saw a slight increase of new funding from the provincial government, the increases in operating expenses as outlined below did not allow us to achieve a balanced budget positon. The key contributors for the deficit are as follows: • • • •  estructuring costs of approximately $1.5 million resulting R primarily from reducing the number of administrative positions in the hospital Increased isolation burden in the hospital due to VRE outbreaks A 35 percent increase in acute care patient days due to the surge in patients’ acute care needs. These two extraordinary circumstances resulted in increased expenses of approximately $1.7 million Targeted savings related to Agency, Overtime and Sick time as identified in the 2016-2017 balancing strategies were not fully realized. Moving forward, we are striving to achieve a balanced budget for the upcoming year through projected funding increases from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care continued and rigorous oversight and stewardship. This is a very exciting time for Joseph Brant Hospital. Building on the strengths of our past, the expertise and compassion of our staff and physicians and the support of our community, we will continue to improve our performance in all aspects of care. We will continue to rise to the call to serve all those who come to us in need and take great pride in providing high quality and safe healthcare services to the people of Burlington and area. We introduced 44 new Idea Boards throughout the hospital and have run several Kaizen/Process Improvement Events. This interaction with staff generated 700 new ideas that have been implemented over this past year. New ideas that have helped us to work more efficiently and effectively with the patients we care for each and every day. Our staff and physicians were also asked for their feedback in our 2016 Healthy Workplace Survey. This year we saw a very significant increase in engagement scores. Hospital staff engagement scores increased by 8.5 percent and Physician engagement scores were up by 9 percent. Eric J. Vandewall President & Chief Executive Officer Kathryn Osborne Chair, Board of Directors Annual Report 2016-2017 5