Joseph Brant Hospital 2017 Annual Report JBH Annual Report 2017 final | Page 4

Thank You The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and thank Brent Scowen and Sylvia Leonard for their four and three years of service, respectively, to Joseph Brant. The Board and the organization has benefitted tremendously from their dedication, good judgment and hard work. Joseph Brant Hospital Board of Directors 2016-2017 Front row (left to right): Dr. Richard Sowery, Debra Carey, Cheryl Williams, Dominic Mercuri (Vice Chair), Kathryn Osborne (Chair), Don Cowan, Michael Pautler, Frank Whelan Back row (left to right): Mae Radford, David Dean, Rob Hamilton, Dr. Wes Stephen, Eric Vandewall, Sylvia Leonard, Bob Bosshard, Paul Sharman, Brent Scowen Absent: Dr. Teresa DeSantis 4 Joseph Brant Hospital