Joomag Case Studies - Better Business Bureau - Page 4

Solution The BBB enlisted the help of Joomag, the complete digital publishing plat- form that provides creation and distribution options for interactive publica- tions. Joomag’s platform supports an array of interactive media such as videos, audio, flash animations, photo galleries, and more. The BBB could create its own magazine by uploading a PDF file and enriching it with interactive elements like videos and hotspots. To provide a seamless experience for Torch Talk readers, Joomag provided the BBB with branding capabilities. The latter was able to achieve brand consistency by displaying its logo throughout the digital publication. For distributional purposes, Joomag’s Awesome CRM™ allowed the BBB to import its existing clients and deliver customized emails to them. Joomag’s built-in mailing service meant that the BBB could customize its emails and include the magazine in them for mass mailing purposes. The BBB could now also acquire more information about its reader base, including viewership numbers and publication interactions thanks to Joomag’s comprehensive analytics.