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How to complete this workbook
How to complete this workbook
You might have been sent this workbook following a conversation with JETS or the PJA Performance Consultant . You can complete the exercises in your own time and use it for discussion , or you might prefer to fill it in with the help of your Personal Development Manager or PJA Performance consultant as part of a wellbeing consultation .
The exercises can be completed at any the stage of your career . You might be interested to learn more about yourself , be thinking of a dual career , or you might simply be starting to think about your life and a future career .
Periods of injury , or anytime you are thinking about your future , can be worrying or unsettling . The exercises will help you to identify some areas of interest , discover new subjects to investigate , create some actions and formulate a plan . The workbook will also help you identify the support around you and remind you of the support available to Jockeys to help you with your journey .


This Lifestyle Workbook is designed to help empower you in your current situation and help you become aware of the huge range of transferable skills you have to offer . We hope you find it useful and learn something new about yourself !
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