Jockey Lifestyle Workbook | Page 3


This Lifestyle Workbook has been created specifically for Jockeys . It provides a collection of questions and exercises designed to help you better understand yourself and help you to plan for your future .
Getting a better understanding of your personality and how you behave in different situations can help you make good career decisions , as you will recognise environments that suit your personality and sit closely to your strengths .
With better understanding of the way you tick , both in your professional and personal life , you will be better equipped to deal with new situations and people .
How will having better self-awareness help me ?
Self-awareness is understanding yourself and your personality . Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are , what motivates you and knowing the things in life that are most important to you .
By knowing yourself better , you will feel more motivated to get into the mind-set of learning new skills on a dual career path alongside being a Jockey .
Identifying your interests and recognising what you are good at can help you decide what direction to go in the future .
You may simply become a better person both on and off the racecourse , and once you finish riding .
Jockey Lifestyle Workbook 3