Jockey Lifestyle Workbook | Page 23


Do you know where to get help in any areas of your life you feel unsure , worried or negative about ? How might you seek help ?
Personal support network : Identify all the people in your personal and professional life who you could ask advice or get help from .
Professional support network : Here are some of the organisations that can help Jockeys across a whole range of areas .
The Tom Maynard Trust was set up in the Summer of 2012 following the untimely death of Glamorgan and Surrey cricketer Tom Maynard . Initially it helped the development of aspiring disadvantaged cricketers and other sportspeople who required support with different aspects of their career development , including bursaries , help with training and education , financial support for overseas placements and assistance with kit and equipment . Its work now includes support for education and development programmes across a number of professional sports and , from 2014 to 2018 , it ran its own annual Tom Maynard Academy programme in Spain .
Jockey Lifestyle Workbook 23