Jockey Lifestyle Workbook | Page 22

Things I want to do less of : Things I worry about , however cannot do anything about ( out of my control ): Part of being a professional sportsperson is often a willingness to ‘ Give Back ’ to the community and ‘ Pay it Forward ’. For example ; would you like to :
Help on Jockey Licence Courses Assist presentations at Claiming Jockey Workshops Be involved organising local Point to Points Volunteer at Equestrian Events Contribute to Racing Open Days Help in your local community What would you be interested in ‘ giving back ’ ( for example contributing on licence courses / workshops or volunteering in your community )? THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO FILL OUT THIS LIFESTYLE WORKBOOK . WE HOPE YOU HAVE LEARNED NEW THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF AND THAT IT HAS HELPED YOU CONSIDER YOUR LIFE IN NEW WAYS .
22 Jockey Lifestyle Workbook