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Seymour Johnson AFB & Dare County Range • Joint Land Use Study JLUS Recommended Strategies The heart of the Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS is a set of 102 recommended strategies that address compatibility issues for the two JLUS Study Areas. Since the JLUS is the result of a collaborative planning process, the strategies represent a true consensus plan —a realistic and coordinated approach to compatibility planning developed with the support of stakeholders involved throughout the process. The strategies developed are uniquely tailored for this JLUS and respect the local context, including the value of personal property rights recognized throughout the region. The key to the implementation of the strategies is the establishment of a JLUS Implementation Coordination Committee to oversee the JLUS execution. Through this Committee, local jurisdictions, Seymour Johnson AFB and the Dare County Range, federal and state agencies, and other stakeholders can continue their initial work together to establish procedures, recommend or refine specific actions, and make adjustments to strategies over time to ensure the JLUS continues to resolve key compatibility issues into the future. Concurrent with the efforts of the JLUS Coordination Committee, each project partner is responsible for establishing their own course of action to implement the strategies unique to them through collaboration of their leadership, planners, and the public. Since the Implementation Plan is intended to be a living document, each partner jurisdiction has the flexibility to revise and refine the Plan for their unique circumstances and use for tracking implementation actions and progress. The strategies developed during the JLUS process are described in detail in Chapter 6 of the JLUS Report. JLUS Recommended Strategies for the Seymour Johnson AFB JLUS Study Area The following list highlights recommended key strategies for the Seymour Johnson AFB JLUS Study Area that were developed and agreed upon by the JLUS partners. Communication / Coordination Noise w w Participate in a Seymour Johnson AFB JLUS Implementation Coordination Committee w w Incorporate Seymour Johnson as one of the agencies that review development applications / proposals w w Develop a Memorandum of Agreement for communication procedures and protocols w w Consider developing a Voluntary Sound Attenuation Retrofit Program for residential uses w w Revise nonconforming use language in