JBHF - Covid Impact Report - Page 2

Patient Care

Increased Mental Health Services
Upon the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic , JBH quickly and efficiently pivoted resources and redeployed therapists to our frontline response . JBH was the first in the province to develop a Psychiatry / MHA Outpatient Response Team ( PORT ) which deployed an immediately responsive team of clinicians and psychiatrists , increasing our capacity and reducing wait times for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis . Your support enabled JBH to offer timely and live-saving mental health services to the growing number of referrals and patients in need .
During the early weeks of the pandemic , JBH made significant strides to convert our outpatient clinic services to virtual care and increased the patient encounters done virtually by 370 %. Your support ensured the investment of new technology to increase our virtual care capabilities to ensure proper patient care and follow-up .
Virtual command centres were also set-up in our Intensive Care Unit ( ICU ) to facilitate communication with families . This important communication enabled virtual family presence during physician rounds to keep families connected with their loved ones during this unprecedented time .
Critical Equipment
Your support made it possible for JBH to invest in life-saving equipment needed to urgently care for COVID-19 patients , such as medical pumps , airway support bags containing equipment for respiratory support , portable suction devices , portable pulse oximeters to monitor oxygen , and much more .
JBH clinicians participated in a research study and patient clinical trial in collaboration with researchers from the Population Health Research Institute ( PHRI ) at McMaster University . This trial is helping establish the effectiveness of different therapies to prevent the progression and care for the virus . Your support is ensuring that JBH can continue to take an active role in finding safe and effective treatment therapies for COVID-19 .
Free WIFI and tablets were provided to patients to stay in touch with loved ones when the hospital was closed to visitors .