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Why locals love their Disney vacations

Runaway Rail Train , Toy Story Mania
Hammontonians love traveling , and traveling to Walt Disney World in Orlando , Fla . Is at the top of most Hammonton families ’ list . What ’ s the best way for you to experience the Magic
Kingdom ( also known as “ The Most
Magical Place on Earth ?”) and the rest of Walt Disney World ?
Heather D ’ Amico , Owner / Vacation
Designer of D ’ Amico Travel , offered her tips and insights on planning your next Disney vacation . Whether you ’ re going for the first time or the 15th ,
D ’ Amico ’ s thoughts will help you .


and Avatar , D ’ Amico said .
“ A personal favorite of mine is the Frozen ride and I haven ’ t tried Ratatouille , but it ’ s the first thing I plan to experience on my annual trip in
March ,” D ’ Amico said .
D ’ Amico said she has been to Disney at every stage of her life and has always enjoyed herself .
“ Disney also has so many shows and things to see . I ’ ve been to Disney as a kid , on our senior trip in high school when we were dating , as a couple , groups of friends , family members and have been taking our children as young as seven months old and at every stage of life ,” D ’ Amico said . Guests at Disney World enjoy an immersive experience from the food , the
D ’ Amico said there were reasons people from Hammonton enjoy Disney
World so much .
“ Hammontonians place value on experiences and quality times . You can see it in all the local events that are centered around the family . We know there is no better way to create memories than being away on vacation without the day-to-day stresses of life ,” D ’ Amico said .
Disney World caters to people of every age , making it easy to find something appealing to do .
“ There are attractions for all ages at
Disney World . There are thrill-seeking rides for the whole family , like Space
Mountain , Tower of Terror , Expedition
Everest , Rock ‘ n ’ Rollercoaster , Seven
Dwarfs Mine Train , Slinky Dog Dash and Splash Mountain ,” D ’ Amico said .
Their newer rides infuse technology and virtual reality , including Star
Wars : Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon , Mickey and Minnie ’ s
lodging , the rides , the events , the shows , and the entire experience while at the parks .
“ Disney is just so innovative . You can go every year or multiple times a year and they make it special . They have wine and beer , like in the countries of Epcot . They have timeless characters and stories . Everything is so well-done and top-notch . It ’ s fiveplus stars . It ’ s like a world within itself ,” D ’ Amico said .
While Disney World is often associated with a family trip with younger children , people of all ages feel welcome and spend some of their most precious moments at place they feel connected to on a deep level .
“ It ’ s not just for families . People get engaged there . You can have a fairy tale wedding there … My sister-in-law had stage 4 cancer and we took her there for her final trip . She received a behind-the-scenes tour . They made all these special experiences for her ,”
D ’ Amico said , adding that Disney is accommodating for adults and children with disabilities .
Selecting a place to stay is another
room villa . It ’ s really well-done , with key element of any trip to Disney . access to the Skyliner ,” D ’ Amico said ,
“ To me , convenience is key for a referring to the aerial gondolas that smooth Disney vacation . Some of my seat approximately 10 people . favorite resorts are along the Skyliner ,
It ’ s possible to walk into some areas the Monorail or easy into a park . The of Walt Disney World from some of the monorail has classics like Grand resorts .
Floridian , Polynesian and The Contemporary , but Skyliner brought about
Beach Club Resort and will be able to
“ On my next trip , I am staying at more affordable options like Caribbean walk right into Epcot ,” D ’ Amico said .
Beach and Pop Century . My personal
D ’ Amico offered some tips for people favorite is the Rivera Resort . I stayed planning a Disney vacation . there on opening night in a one-bed-
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