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Why Hammontonians love visiting Disney World

DISNEY , from P . 19
“ You should connect with a professional whether it is your first or 10th visit . You can always shoot your agent an email and have them work for you . Hold times with Disney can be over two hours . A misconception is that you won ’ t be able to plan the trip on your own , but you will have full control over the experience . We can do as much or as little as you prefer . You might enjoy planning it on your own , but you want a professional to lean on when the Facebook group or Google is taking up too much time or overwhelming you . Even if you ’ ve been there multiple times , we know different experiences that you can enjoy that will make your next trip unique ,” D ’ Amico said .
The key to a fun and enjoyable Disney trip , she said , was flexibility .
“ You ’ re not going to get to do everything in one trip , so be flexible and be ready to adapt . When you get there , it can be stressful , but that ’ s not what you want to remember ,” D ’ Amico said . Having a travel agent that knows the latest information on Disney can also save vacationers a lot of time and money .
“ We know the ins and outs of what ’ s going on and the trends and updates at Disney . Even if you ’ ve been there before , things change . Like , for example there is no more Magical Express and they implemented a new virtual
Fast Pass upgrade , which takes a lot of research to understand ,” D ’ Amico
said . If you are considering a Disney vacation , it ’ s best not to wait . “ If you are thinking about planning a Disney vacation , I recommend you do it sooner rather than later . Rooms sell out , capacity is capped in the park . It only takes a $ 200 deposit , which is fully refundable until your final payment 30 days prior to travel . It ’ s better to plan now and decide later . If promotions come out later after you ’ ve booked , we can apply the discount . We can set up a payment plan if you want to pay over time ,” D ’ Amico said .
D ’ Amico said using a travel agent will help you organize your trip and doesn ’ t come with an added fee .
“ Our services are complimentary , so it does not cost you any extra if you book with an agent . The cost is the same cost if you book with Disney or us . In fact , we can even save you money by applying promotions once they are released ,” D ’ Amico said .
For information about booking your next vacation — to Walt Disney World or somewhere else — contact D ’ Amico Travel at ( 856 ) 767-4399 , email vacations @ damicotravel . com or visit damicotravel . com / wdw .
D ’ Amico also said D ’ Amico Travel is looking for more people to join their successful team of true experts , led by Laura Thompson .
“ If you have a passion for planning and all things Disney , consider joining our team at damicotravel . com / careers ,” D ’ Amico said .

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