Jammu Redefining Magazine Vol. 2, No.-6

www.jammuredefine.in Fortnightly Jammu Redefining Vol. 2 No: 6 March 23, 2014--April, 5 2014 Will the mother tongue be reduced to mere prepositions? 4 T J.R. NEWS SERVICE ERROR REVISITED Jammu-Pathankot national highway in the wee hours of Friday on March 28 as three heavily armed 'fidayeen' attacked passengers traveling in a Bolero, hijacked it along with the driver after killing one of them before storming the Army camp in Janglote area of Kathua. The blood bath which started around 4.30 a.m near Tarnah nullah bridge in Dayalachak area culminated almost 14 hours later when security forces formally called off their operation. Despite receiving the timely KNOW YOUR NETA Pages 8 Price Rs. 3/- Jammu : A Changing Social Scenario 6 8 alert in the Police control room around 4.47 a.m the state police and other security agencies, alerted in time, failed to track down the movement of fidayeen.The serious security lapse costed two civilian lives, one army jawan also sacrificed his life while three others were seriously injured. Between the first strike at Dayalachak and 12 hour long operation in Janglote area the security forces managed to eliminate all three heavily armed fidayeen before throwing open the closed down rail traffic and vehicular movement on the (Contd. on Page 4) OMAR POINTED FINGERS TOWARDS BSF WITHOUT ANY PROOF C HIEF MINISTER Omar Abdullah while condemning the heinous act of terrorists also targeted BSF to take a look at vulnerable areas & plug the gaps along the International border with Pakistan. After the operation was formally called off Omar tweeted, "the BSF needs to take a look at vulnerable areas and plug these gaps because these militants haven't given up & we can't let them succeed". He said the ease with which militants exploited gaps in the fence to cross the international border is a matter of grave concern. He, however, patted the security personnel for containing the damage with their swift response. "The swift & coordinated response of army, police & CRPF has been markedly better compared to the Samba/Hiranagar attack some months ago". CMYK