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P AGE 13 (Continued from page 12) opinion limits the degree of effectiveness in identifying/addressing the myriad of problems existing within the Shelby County Election Commission. To instill voter confidence a head to toe assessment is in order. This should not be a political or racial issue. It is an issue of justice and the lack there of. As a sitting member on the commission, I am thoroughly convinced without guidance and oversight of an external entity, operations of the Shelby County Election Commission will not change and it will only be a matter of time before we’re slapped in the face with yet another disaster. In an effort to make a step towards the process for change I will be requesting a budgetary audit by the county commission and an investigation by the Department of Justice. The position of our political and community leaders is undermined at this time, but for you the voter I encourage you to be mindful of election activities, attend the meetings, review the minutes, listen to the tapes and note all commission interactions. November 6, 2012 Things have changed.You must have a STATE ISSUED I.D. TO VOTE! Do you know where to vote? Find out where you vote at or call us at 901-379-9101