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I T ’ S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH -F RAYSER -N ORTH M EMPHIS P AGE 12 If you don’t think voting is important, here are four good reasons to change your mind. Vote! Our Election Disaster We have just witnessed the election snafu in what some would term as the worst in the nation, excluding of course any third world country of which we are not!! Coming off the heels of the August (2010) election disaster the question becomes what is wrong with Shelby County? Don’t our citizens deserve better and when is enough really become enough? As a new member of the Commission I have serious concerns relative to the integrity of the electoral process in this community. What is more alarming is the lack of empathy that seems to exist among you the voters. Not too long ago there was a community outcry relative to the treatment of animals at the Humane Society. Animal lovers were justifiably persistent in their quest to facilitate change. They crowded City hall, wrote letters to legislators, hounded the media and utilized other methods to gain attention. People were held accountable and heads rolled. The results of their efforts set in motion a formal process for monitoring and protecting the well being of the animals housed under the city’s care. Do we think less of this most fundamental right of mankind, the right to VOTE? Norma’s Corner I applaud the efforts of the Secretary of State in requesting an audit, but in all honestly, the narrow scope of the audit in my (Continued on page 13)