C H E C K I N G - I N W I T H T H E I T S Goodbye messages from the IT team MASSARO, Lily From the United States of America A huge thank you to everyone at EdUHK! This year has been full of challenges and opportunities for growth, and I’m grateful to have shared this time with such warm and generous students, colleagues, and friends. Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart and I miss the ASLLC already! BENNEVALL, Marcus From Sweden First and foremost, I want to thank my students for your incredible patience, encouraging words, and keen interest in my teaching. Seeing you grow and actually take my words to heart have been my greatest pleasures. I also want to thank my colleagues, who keep showing me new perspectives that make me revaluate my own background and principles. I think none of us expected this year to turn out this way, but I am grateful that I had you by my side as we explored the unknown. Treat every moment as a learning opportunity, and you will continue to thrive despite life’s twists and turns. I hope that all of you, students and colleagues alike, will find peace in these volatile times. Cherish the good memories and take care. IT Magazine / June Issue 7