C H E C K I N G - I N W I T H T H E I T S Goodbye messages from the IT team BELHADDAD, Maria From Morocco Time flew by and this journey is nearing the end, yet words simply cannot express how grateful I am for all the meaningful connections I have made throughout this year, and for all the precious memories that I will forever cherish. Despite the unexpected turns that this year has taken, despite all the ups and downs, being part of the IT team this year has been such a great experience, and I am thankful for being able to work with such great individuals who have made the ASLLC my new home away from home. I am also thankful to have such wonderful students whose eagerness to learn has driven me to be a better version of myself. In fact, witnessing students’ growth has definitely been one of the most rewarding things this year. Just looking at how many of them were so shy at the beginning of the academic year versus how comfortable and confident they have become when speaking in English is what every aspiring teacher could ever ask for. The journey continues and a new chapter unfolds, although we soon might be taking different paths, we shall always carry the wisdom we have exchanged and ways we have learned from each other. It has been such a great pleasure to return to Hong Kong after nearly 5 years and I am certain that, sometime in the future, I will be back once again to this wonderful place. Hence, I will not say goodbye, but rather simply, see you again. IT Magazine / June Issue 11