DEAR READER, Hello friend, fancy seeing you here once again. Today, I am here to talk to you about motivation. We live now in a peculiar time where some people have found their long-lost motivation to exercise or indulge in their passions and hobbies, whereas other people, have lost their motivation as they simply moved from one monotonous routine to another and are longing to break free. We sometimes wake up feeling worn out and lethargic, other times, as enthusiastic and alert as one can ever be. For now, we are all simply trying to get acclimated to these new circumstances. For now, we are all trying to be the quintessential adaptable people; strong, motivated, and self-contained. After all, life is one ubiquitous game whose rules are never constant. Time is moving slowly, so our minds wander. We ruminate about those halcyon days of childhood where everything was simple. We reminisce about a time with no expectations and no pressures from life. Back then, everything seemed magical and grandiose, and every day was a quest to understand things that we perceive now to be rather mundane. As we grow older, we learn to look beyond the mendacious facets of our world; delving into its pointillistic aesthetics and essence. Our musings are every so often interrupted by sounds of birds chirping, waves crashing, and that one person whispering “I believe in you”. Occasionally, a faint feeling of restlessness consumes us; motivation is fading. Yet, voicing our concerns seems like nothing but an endless soliloquy. Nevertheless, whenever you feel ambivalent, remember that every game we play, every connection we make, and every opportunity we choose to seize or not to seize becomes fraught with not only risk, but also possibility. Ineffable; “is it fate or is it nothing but a brilliant gambit?”, you ask, but then you hear it again, the melody of that one person whispering “I believe in you”, except that this time, it is you. Suddenly, the sight of that one spark amidst the dark grim horizon, albeit incongruous, is perhaps the most beautiful thing you could lay eyes on. Serendipity. We certainly cannot prognosticate the future, predict what may or may not be. Thus life, in essence, is not the destination but the journey, and to waltz through it, motivation is a traveller’s strongest ally. and So friend, once again, I hereby invite you to sift through these pages, and dive into various tales of the motivated, the inspired and all those in between. Editor's Note Yours truly, Maria Belhaddad EDITOR, IT MAGAZINE IT Magazine / April Issue 6