Issue 90 - Page 16

MURRAY HASTIE Murray Hastie is the clubs Development Officer at Kelso Rugby Club and a very passionate one at that , his family are very much steeped in the club ’ s history with Grandad George ‘ Flood` Rodgers captaining the club in 1939 , dad Neil Hastie and uncles Arthur and Ian all being ex-players . Murray told Rugby Club Magazine ,
” I started playing rugby , like many do , at Kelso High School and then made my way to Kelso Harlequins and senior rugby . Inspired by my Uncle Ian`s move to New Zealand I decided to do the same for a year which was a great experience . Rugby Development was always something I am passionate about , and I focused my studies at college and university around this topic . An opportunity arose for me to take up a development role at Murrayfield Wanderers where I started to learn a lot about all the moving parts of a sports development job , who I needed to liaise with and to gain a fuller understanding of my duties as well as forming my own philosophy and envisaging the mark I wanted to make in helping rugby clubs and their people improve .
When Craig Dods moved from Kelso to Gala I applied
for the vacancy and attended the interview for the new development role at Kelso and was successful . With over 30 coaches at Kelso , I felt it was important to also look at how these coaches were learning and how their development could impact their teams through coaching styles , upskilling whilst keeping the enjoyment in it for all . Speaking to our Director of Rugby about how we can support our players towards clearer pathways arose as an objective and this could include advice based on others experience which for example could provide information on what Universities were the
preferred ones to attend if wishing to combine playing and study .
One of the simple changes was changing our S1-U15`s from red and white jerseys to our club colours of black and white to extend that connection and uniformity amongst all . Dylan Black and Ben Lyall also attended coaching courses and became development officers supporting me in my role . As I say this is great backup if for whatever reason I became unavailable our players and club would not lose out . Being the clubs Development Officer is not just `one thing` but` everything` as I must be a link to all sections .
It is however a massively enjoyable experience to me . Sometimes it is difficult to put your finger on a particular matter but inevitably a resolution comes to mind . I have great support throughout the club and our President Scott Forbes has not only inspired me with the tireless passion he has for our club but has always been on hand for guidance .
From finding those parents and past players who want to become more involved , to our U15s and 16`s training together we are always on the lookout for ways to help people enjoy the best experience which is Kelso Rugby Club !”