Issue 8 - Page 21

A spot of poetry

I have so many things that I want to declare

In regard to my place of employment.

All the time that I spend with my friends over there

Is a source of delight and enjoyment


Every morning I rise to salute a new day

All prepared for the challenge in store

Then I jump in my car and I’m soon on my way

To the workplace I truly adore


I arrive before everyone else and I wait

Patiently at the door of the centre

With some other staff members I confabulate

Until we are permitted to enter


Once we enter, I look at my folder and see

If I have anyone to assess

Even though those assessments are too much for me

I enjoy my employment no less


The time quickly goes by, it’s a quarter to nine

And I need to go quickly to class

I go there and set up that computer of mine

Which malfunctions once more—oh alas!


Some good students come early, but others come late

Punctuality’s not their strong suit!

Some are ready to learn, and their attitude’s great,

But some others just don’t give a hoot!

There is never a dull moment here at our college.

Students come and they go as they will.

Some are willing to drink at the fountain of knowledge,

But some others are hesitant still


But whatever they do, they show constant respect,

They are adults and they are mature

When I teach them what’s useful and what they expect,

They remain and they listen for sure

I give all of my heart and my mind and my skill

to instruct them in language each day.

When I see my old students, I receive the best thrill

If they’ve found a good job with good pay

After class every day, I prepare for the next,

And I think about all that I’ve done

As I work on the lesson and choose every text,

I do try to make everything fun


At the same time I talk with my colleagues as well.

I enjoy sharing what I have taught

I have noticed that teachers most surely excel

When they share with each other their thought

Every Friday however, we spend the whole day

On our paperwork and on our training

I do not really mind it, although I must say

It is not really as entertaining


I enjoy what I do, I enjoy my employment,

And there’s nothing that can surpass

My great workplace in which I derive my enjoyment

Here in Fairfield, here at Navitas


Emile Joseph