Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 36

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels
Identify Your Dreams and Go After Them
Over the course of my life , my dreams have changed . Yet , the basic dream has remained . I desired to have financial freedom and independence . I achieved that dream through focus , consistency and time management . I continue to use these tools today in my new ventures .
For me , my dreams included taking care of my family , a flexible schedule , world travel and helping others . One of my passions is helping other women identify and go after their dreams by building successful real estate investing businesses . You don ’ t have to let a lack of confidence stifle your dreams . Instead , tap into your natural instincts to create a path to your dreams .
Women benefit by helping other women . In real estate , I ’ ve never feared scarcity . There are more than enough deals for everyone . My dream now is to leave a legacy by empowering other women . My work at Real Estate Investing for Women is one way I work toward this goal . Through mentoring , community building , live events and online resources , like podcast , articles , eBooks and more , women have access to unprecedented knowledge and encouragement .
As I look back over my more than 30­year career in real estate investing , I see a story of hard work and determination . I also see the gift of my dream lifestyle that real estate investment empowered . You too can find the lifestyle of your dreams through a focused , consistent and well­managed real estate investment business .
To Learn More about Real Estate Investing for Women :
Laura Alamery and Liz Klingseisen are a mother and daughter team , who are real estate investors and mentors to other women . Their goal is to empower and help women , who want to learn about real estate investing through a supportive and experienced community of women investors . We offer training and live events nationwide .
You can learn more at www . realestateinvestingwomen . com .