Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 35

Focus – A serious approach to real estate investment requires focus . This means you create actual goals for your business . For me , my goal was to quit my corporate job within six months . This meant I needed to close at least one deal per month , which required willpower fueled by my excitement and inspiration . My eyes stayed on the prize .
Not only does wholesaling produce quick profits , it also establishes a portfolio that you can use to attract private money . Creative financing with private money gives more control over your real estate investing business . Private money safeguards against the volatility of the market .
As your business grows , you then have the money , knowledge and reputation to tackle larger­scale investments with bigger risks . Ultimately , this is how you build a viable business and path to longterm wealth and the lifestyle of your dreams .
Three Keys to Success in Real Estate Investment
While real estate investment offers many different strategies and paths to wealth , the keys to success come from your determination to make it . When I finally became
serious about real estate investment as my career , I was newly divorced with three small children . I gave myself six months to build a business that allowed me to walk away from my corporate job .
Looking back , the three keys to my success were focus , consistency and time management . These areas were critical to get me out of my comfort zone and take real estate investing from a hobby to a true business .
Often when I talk to women interested in real estate investing , the barrier they struggle with most is the confidence to take the first steps . Men historical dominate the real estate investing industry , which makes trusting your abilities as a female investor even more intimidating . However , with these keys to success and the support of other successful female investors you too can create a prosperous business .
Consistency – You cannot build anything without consist dedication . To exceed my goal of closing one deal per month , I had to work daily toward that goal . Remember , I was a working , single mom , yet I put in time daily to find , connect and close deals . It was this consistent effort that led to achieving and surpassing my goal .
Time Management – Life is busy . This is true of almost everyone I meet . The difference in the people who grow a sustainable business that produces wealth and those that don ’ t is good time management . During my six­month transition , I realized that a little sacrifice could change my life . Good time management means you don ’ t waste your time . Instead , you find those pockets of time to dedicate to your goal . For me , this meant working on weekends and evenings until I had the money to quit my corporate job .