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Sometimes we get priced out of our own market , so we have to find a new one . Or , we just have to be patient and wait . And keep searching , prospecting and waiting until that right deal comes along . And be the first one with cash in hand , ready to close .
Why the sudden market fluctuation ? Due to the COVID­19 virus that our nation is experiencing , our region located two hours north of Los Angeles , has risen substantially since Spring 2020 .
Like so many other parts of the country , we are seeing a demographic trend of a return to suburbia . Many people are moving out of neighboring cities , while new construction is practically non­existent right now , driving up prices on existing properties . Inventory is also extremely low . Nobody seems to be selling ­­ and with prices going up so quickly , I don ' t blame them .
What are the trends in your city ? In your target area ? Learn to decipher news and take the time to research what truly is going on . The more educated you are , the wiser decisions you can make for your family ' s portfolio .
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My team and I really want to help you on your REI journey . I have a sincere desire to want to help others learn about the life­changing benefits real estate investing can bring . Many of the people we work with I have personally known for over A DECADE . Some I ' ve had the pleasure of meeting their families and visiting their offices .
It ' s truly a wonderful community that we ' ve built , and I invite you to get to know us better .
On March 20 , 2021 , beginning at 9 AM PST , Realty411 will be online hosting our second Virtual Investor Conference of the year .
I hope you can join us for this very special day , where once again , we will share valuable information to help others on their personal adventure in real estate .
register at : http :// Realty411Expo . com
All of our expo guests will have the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered via chat in realtime . While this event is complimentary , only 500 " Virtual Seats " are available , so please register as soon as you can .
My team , family and I wish you all the best for 2021 , and beyond . Please be sure to keep in touch , send us your emails , letters , and phone calls .
Stay blessed ,
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