Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 19

Photo by John De Cindis
Editorial by Linda Pliagas , Publisher

Linda ' s Letter

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As we begin another

year with a new issue , I ' d like to thank you for your continued readership . My mission has always been to inspire others to become real estate investors , plus to help those already active to become even better at what they do .
A new decade is upon us , and it ' s a great time of the year to plan ahead . What are your goals for 2021 ? For the next 10 years ? For your ongoing legacy ?
It ' s time to examine and reflect on where we are , and where we want to go . And , if you haven ' t yet begun your journey with real estate , I encourage you to do so immediately . For real estate remains one of the best ways to gain financial freedom . The legendary real estate author and educator , Robert G . Allen , wrote : " Don ' t wait to buy real estate . Buy real estate and wait ."
What are you planning to invest in this year ? Are you ready to buy and rehab your first deal ? Will you finally be entering into a 1031 Exchange to upgrade into a 30­unit apartment building ? Perhaps , your goal is to start a multifamily syndication ?
Whatever your dream is , I hope you commit yourself fully to working toward it so that it materializes as soon as possible .
One of my goals is for our family to wisely leverage existing properties to purchase more , including expanding to a new market or two . This past year has become a challenge because the area we focused on appreciated so much ­­ and very quickly .