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Tube laser cutter

LVD will be showcasing its TL 8525 , the most advanced tube laser cutting machine in its TL series , at Tube 2022 ( Hall 6 , stand E31 ).
“ The TL 8525 opens the door to a world of versatile tube and profile processing with optimised features , including 45-degree , 3D tilt-axis cutting head ; six-position front loader ; wide X-axis cutting range and the ability to cut tubes up to 8500mm long , at a maximum part length of 3000mm , up to 250mm diameter ,” it explained .
The TL 8525 is designed for high productivity . It can accommodate a broad range of applications , complex , large and heavy tubes . The 400mm Z-axis can process larger profiles .
“ The machine maintains the compact footprint of other TL models and offers the advantage of accessibility on all sides . Because loading and unloading is handled on one side , the machine can fit in a small space or against a wall ,” added LVD .
The TL 8525 is equipped with the following key features as standard :
■ 45-degree , 3D tilt cutting head for highprecision bevel cutting and can be used for weld-preparation cuts in thick-walled tubes .
■ Six-position front loader loads up to six tubes and offers six positions for up to 250mm tubes . The system can be loaded with different types of tubes in different sizes and can be interrupted during processing to add a new tube to handle small batch and long-run production .
■ 1190mm X-axis cutting head range enables processing along a greater length of the tube , wasting less material to make tube cutting more productive and profitable .
■ Automatic tube loading , automatic tube centring and automatic set-up and adjustment of the chuck with steady rest to offer highly automated operation .
The TL 8525 is equipped with a 2kW fibre laser source ; a 4kW laser is optional .
LVD is a leading manufacturer of sheet metalworking equipment , including laser cutting systems ; punch presses ; press brakes ; guillotine shears and automation systems ; integrated to and supported by its CADMAN ® software suite . n
www . lvdgroup . com

A strong bond

Solvay ’ s water-soluble Addibond™ polymer , used as a thin layer to strengthen bonding between aluminium and adhesives in automotive applications , has obtained a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label . It is the thirteenth Solvay solution to receive the label .
Founded by the Solar Impulse Foundation , the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label highlights existing solutions that are sustainable and profitable . With the addition of Addibond™ , Solvay currently has 13 labelled efficient solutions . These , in line with its Solvay One Planet goals , provide sustainable solutions for batteries ; exhaust gas treatments ; semiconductor applications and biostimulants for farming etc .
“ Strengthening the metal-to-metal adhesive bond of aluminium parts allows automakers to reduce or eliminate the array of fasteners ( nuts , bolts , screws , rivets ), a contributory factor for the light-weighting of vehicles for better fuel and energy efficiency ,” said Dr . Marie-Pierre Labeau , Metal Treatment Platform Project Leader , Solvay . “ This created a need to improve the reliability of metalto-metal bonds , for which proper surface treatments are critical .”
Solvay ’ s Addibond™ polymers are designed to deliver a surface pre-treatment that will maximize the strength of adhesive bonds by combining two functional groups : one reacting with the metal substrate , normally before it is shaped , and the other reacting with the adhesive during assembly .
“ Addibond™ helps component manufacturers and assemblers to align their metal surface treatment with stricter HSE standards and regulations . The products are free of chromate , heavy metals and fluorides , eliminating the risk of toxic exposure for operators ,” said the manufacturer .
For major weight reductions to be achieved , metal-to-metal adhesive bonding targets body-in-white ( BIW ); chassis ; interior ; powertrain ; under-bonnet and other structural components such as electric vehicle ( EV ) battery casings . These have been implemented in premium and mass production vehicle assemblies .
“ Addibond™ polymers can be an effective enabler for leveraging the light-weighting potential of aluminium and other light metals in a wider range of industries such as construction ; industrial equipment ; electronics and aerospace while meeting higher standards of sustainability in manufacturing processes ,” commented Solvay .
“ The innovative benefits of Addibond™ in adhesive bonding have been recognized multiple times in the industry and received the Potier Prize in France and the Chinese Automotive award in 2021 as a clean and profitable solution ,” it added . n
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