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Peter Trimborn ( production manager ) and Ludwig Esser ( owner ).

Ludwig Esser Metallbau in Germany aims to increase its productivity , capacity and competitiveness with two new LVD fibre laser cutting systems .

“ Large-format sheet metal cutting , bevel cutting and automated production has added to the German subcontractor ’ s capabilities , after purchasing new fibre laser cutting systems .”

Fifty years after it purchased its first LVD machines , German subcontractor Ludwig Esser Metallbau GmbH has invested in two LVD fibre laser cutting systems to increase its productivity , capacity and competitiveness . “ The Phoenix FL-6020 fibre laser cutting system is an all-round performer with flexible automation allowing it to effectively process a wide variety of materials , components and batch sizes . Full automation can be used on large batches , while the machine can still be used with manual loading and unloading for low volumes and one-offs ,” LVD told ISMR . The Taurus processes extra-large-format

Large-format Taurus 24 and Phoenix FL-6020 fibre laser cutting systems .
material . Its modular construction enables it to be configured to suit precise requirements . It can accommodate parts of up to 3.2m wide and 30mm thick , and the basic 10-metre bed length can be extended in 4m increments up to a maximum of 42m . The machine is equipped with the latest bevel head technology .
Large-format capabilities
Founded in 1886 , and still run by the same family , Ludwig Esser Metallbau was originally set up to construct and test weighbridges for carts and wagons . It later moved into
Compared to our previous CO 2 lasers , the fibre laser machines have significantly higher cutting speeds and hence much higher productivity
metalworking for the construction industry and , in 1971 , relocated to Euskirchen ( Germany ). At that stage , it added sheet metal processing capability and installed two LVD press brakes .
Since then , it has constantly extended its capabilities so that it can now process metal sheets of up to 12m in length and 3m in width . Typical applications for these large-format capabilities include conveyor systems for the paper and cement industries and heavy-duty sawmill equipment .
It is now a subcontractor for laser and waterjet cutting , bending , profiling and the fabrication of welded assemblies . The company processes all standard , high-strength and wear-resistant steels , stainless steel , aluminium and special alloys . Esser also handles common surface treatment processes such as galvanizing , wet and dry painting with long-standing partners , as well as organising storage and transport “ Just in Time .”
Esser ’ s customers are from industries including mechanical and plant engineering ; bulk and component handling ; agricultural machinery ; commercial vehicles and
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