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AI-enabled instant quotes

RapidDirect has expanded its Instant Quotes feature to include sheet metal fabrication on its AI-enabled manufacturing platform .
“ The ‘ RapidDirect Sheet Metal Instant Quote ’ feature is now available . Users can explore instant quotes for CNC machining , 3D printing and sheet metal fabrication on the RapidDirect online platform . Buyers can now leverage the RapidDirect Instant Quote engine to instantly obtain pricing and delivery timelines for CNC machining , 3D printing and sheet metal fabrication , further accelerating the production workflow . It enables rapid access to on-demand manufacturing ,” it told ISMR .
RapidDirect specialises in rapid prototyping , low-volume manufacturing and on-demand manufacturing , catering to individuals , small businesses and large corporations for “ rapid ” and “ simple ” production solutions . Driven by artificial intelligence ( AI ) technology , the company ’ s online platform is designed to provide customers with instant quotes , streamlined processes and efficiency .
Harnessing the power of AI , RapidDirect ’ s Instant Quote engine analyses design specifications instantly , providing users with quotes in seconds . This , said the company , saves valuable time and expedites project timelines . It introduced its 3D printing Instant Quote in August 2023 .
Utilising data flow visualisation , the Instant Quote Engine is also designed to enhance transparency and accountability throughout the quoting process , providing users with clear documentation and records of their interactions .
“ Our recent extended features also include ‘ Team Collaboration ’, which enables users to seamlessly integrate RapidDirect into their

Meet AIDA at MACH 2024

AIDA , is a leading supplier of servo and AIDA has a worldwide network of sales mechanical metal stamping presses , and service locations in nearly 40 cities automation equipment and complete across 20 countries and press installations metalforming systems with thousands of exceeding 80,000 units in over 60 countries . units delivered to date worldwide .
It boasts manufacturing facilities in Japan ;
At the beginning of 2021 , AIDA launched the United States ; Italy ; Malaysia and China . its new DSF-NE2 , a monolithic two-point Meet the company on stand 6-470 at servo press that combines the high rigidity MACH 2024 ( NEC , Birmingham , UK ) from structure of the monobloc frame with the 15-19 April 2024 . n flexibility of the freely programmable servo movement of the proprietary AIDA DSF ® technology ; Direct Servo Former ®. The DSF-NE2 series was awarded Product of the Year at the EuroBLECH Awards 2022 in Hannover , Germany .
“ MACH 2024 will be the opportunity to provide visitors with information about the new DSF-NE2 servo press as well as the complete AIDA press line series including servo presses , high-speed automatic presses for motor core lamination and precision forming presses ,” AIDA told ISMR .
AIDA also will provide information on its new AET ( AIDA Electronic Transfer ) solution to enable the movement of blanks and parts in multi-station or interconnected presses . “ AET has been conceived for retrofit installations and can be easily integrated to all brands of mechanical and servo presses . Thanks to the high-rigidity structure , precision pre-loaded roller guides and highperformance servo motors , AET ensures
AIDA ’ s new DSF-NE2-4000 servo press . maximum output performance ,” added AIDA . www . aida-europe . com Founded in Honjo , Tokyo , in 1917 , procure-to-pay suite , enhancing overall work efficiency by allowing engineers and financial personnel to function as one cohesive team . We also added the RapidDirect add-in for Solidworks . This integrates the RapidDirect Instant Quote Engine into the Solidworks design process , facilitating cohesive and efficient workflow for engineers and designers and a smooth transition from design to quotation ,” added the company . n
www . rapiddirect . com

Preventing corrosion in steel coils

New steel coils offer a wide canvas for corrosion to make its mark . Oiling after acid pickling is one precaution that can help . However , processors who choose dry pickling may have more problems during storage and shipping . Cortec ’ s Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibiting edge sprays help steel coil processors to prevent corrosion .
“ Once the coil is rolled up , rust preventatives must be applied as an edge spray . Since it is difficult to get perfect coverage by spraying a rust preventative liquid in between the coil laps from the side , VpCI ® -337 and VpCI ® -329 D are especially good options because they contain vapour phase corrosion inhibitors ,” explained Cortec .
This type of corrosion inhibitor travels as a vapour through void spaces and is attracted to metal surfaces , where it forms a molecular protective layer that remains and replenishes itself as long as the void remains enclosed . VpCI ® -126 Film tubing complements these edge sprays because it traps the vapours within the package and offers a dual corrosioninhibiting / physical barrier for unpredictable shipping conditions ( such as those on an open truck bed ).
“ All three of these products are very easy to use without special clean-up needed in the next phase of processing . By using these sprays , steel coil processors can improve protection and reduce stress ,” said Cortec . n
. cortecvci . com
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