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OMAX unveils OptiMAX waterjet

Hypertherm ’ s OMAX Corporation has introduced “ its most advanced waterjet ever ”, the OptiMAX , a new generation of abrasive waterjet designed to quickly turn prints into parts while relying less on highly experienced operators .
“ The culmination of three decades of OMAX engineering expertise and realworld operator experience , the OptiMAX is designed for manufacturers in need of a versatile , easy-to-use cutting system . It offers our intuitive software for optimised cutting capability and power , along with improved automation to maximise uptime . Companies can complete a greater range of work , more efficiently , and deliver finished products faster ,” OMAX told ISMR .
New and improved features include :
■ IntelliMAX premium software , designed for ease of use and rapid operation following installation .
■ IntelliVISOR console with key metrics to optimise operations and complete system monitoring to avoid unplanned downtime .
■ EnduroMAX pump automatically sets the correct pressure and minimises fluctuations to improve component life .
■ IntelliTRAX drive system with advanced motion control designed for increased system robustness and reliability .
■ New garnet delivery system to further minimise downtime .
“ Combined with an optional Tilt-A-JET taper compensation head , the new OptiMAX
provides advanced optional usability features such as water level control , under bridge lighting and a machine status indicator , along with fast , accurate and efficient cutting ,” continued OMAX .
“ Like every OMAX system , all OptiMAX products include comprehensive after-sales service , unlimited free training and software upgrades , as well as a host of efficiencycentred resources to maximise uptime and keep customers cutting ,” it concluded . n
. omax . com / OptiMAX-waterjet

Multi-metal corrosion protection

New EcoSonic ® VpCI ® -125 ESD Shrink Film ( HP-UV ) combines the latest film technology with corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metal products . It is a mixture of high ( UV ) and Vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology .
This shrink film is designed to prevent corrosion and ESD damage . It combines multi-metal corrosion protection with static dissipative properties . Users of the film can shrink-wrap small or large components to conform to the shape of the object .
“ EcoSonic ® VpCI ® -125 ESD Shrink Film ( HP-UV ) replaces conventional rust preventatives , such as oils and desiccants , allowing products to be used immediately without cleaning or degreasing . Sealing a product in this film will protect a wide variety of metals from rust , tarnish , stains and oxidation . It enables cost savings because it eliminates the degreasing or coating removals required in the past . The products can be used immediately . It does not contain free amines , phosphates or halogen-based materials and is non-toxic and recyclable ,” explained the manufacturer , Cortec ® Corporation .
The shrink film also protects components from electrostatic discharge . It conforms to the surface resistivity and static decay requirements of MILPRF-81705 D ( Static Dissipative Packaging Materials ).
“ It has been tested effective for up to two years of corrosion protection and one year of ESD protection . The corrosion inhibitors vaporise and condense on all metal surfaces within the enclosed space and diffuse to every area of a part ( protecting its exterior ) as well as void spaces and recessed areas . Equipment is completely protected from corrosion during storage , lay-up and staging as well as during domestic and overseas shipments ,” added the company . n
www . cortecvci . com
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