ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2015, Volume 17 | Page 14

Dagda: Does that make Leaving Eden a noncontender for any Grammy nomination/award? Eric: I can vote and submit my own band if I wanted. What ends up happening is you meet a lot of people--Grammy winners--you name it. Many of the past winners get in touch with you because they want to win again and again. We get invited every year to California. Dagda: Your craft certainly sends a message through words and sound. I look forward to listening to them now through a different lens of understanding. Do you have a message for your fans that you would like to send for this cover story? Eric: We hope to see them at the Grammy’s one day. We will see y ou on the other side! Message from Eve: “Music has always been my life. The choice was made when I was a little girl. I didn’t know what, how or where to go with it. When I met Eric, it all seemed to make sense. If you are in this business for the money, fame or glory, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. I do it for the high, and for the fans that enjoy our music. It is also for an opportunity to help be a part of a larger change…a change for the better. We all share the same space. How can we make the space more comfortable? The fortunate ones will have fame and fortune. What will they do with this fortune? Will it be used for selfish materialistic desires or will it help others in need? When we tour this great country and I see the homeless people, it breaks my heart. Whether in the cold arctic temperatures of New England or in the hot desolate heat of the south. There are many people that are so less fortunate that we are. If I can make an impact, no matter how big, I will. As long as people want to listen, I will be singing. I believe that all musicians want to make people feel good through music. If it wasn’t for our fans all over the world we would have nothing…all of you are our family. Thank you!” ~Eve LEAVING EDEN is: Eve--Lead Vocals Eric Gynan--Guitars and Vocals Tony Massey--Drums Hector “Spider” Huambo—Bass