ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2015, Volume 17 | Page 13

(At the same time the three of us got up to take a break. We joked because nothing was said--we just got up.) Dagda: Many of your fans have no idea that Eve is your wife. What’s it like being on tour with your wife? Eric: It’s good. There are never any cons. We are together, that’s what makes it cool. The road is rough, it is not glamorous, and can be heated at times. A lot of it stems from not a lot of sleep and rest, never getting enough. You don’t go to bed early. If you decide you want to drive, you still have to check out at 11 a.m. Most days you are only getting 4 hours of sleep. I’m not a jealous man. If I was, I’m doing the wrong thing. Everyone loves her—men, women and children. It doesn’t matter, people will have their view anyway about us. When I was a kid, I thought STEVIE NICKS was hot, but you knew she was with Lindsey. It didn’t affect my enjoyment of the music. I still thought she was hot. (By the way, PULSE MAGAZINE/WORCESTER, MA MUSIC AWARDS awarded Eve with the title “Sexiest Musician Award for 2015” and Leaving Eden was awarded “Best Metal Band for 2015”.) Dagda: How did you become a voting member of the Grammy’s? Eric: It was a long process. You need to have quite a few professional credits in the music industry. You have to prove that, and I was able to do so. You can be an assistant member and you can be something else. I am a voting member. Dagda: What is musically different about “Pinnacle”? Eric: What is musically different is that the connection to the universe has been the strongest. So all of these songs came from somewhere else (referring to the universe). I heard them before I wrote them. They all came from somewhere else. There is no part of me that thought this isn’t a good album. It came to me for a reason. I just listened and wrote it. It had to be exactly the way I heard it. I have always had that connection, like we talked about earlier. When I was hearing the other albums, I would interfere by adding additional things that I wasn’t hearing. This time I let it flow out of me, except the name. This is where the other members of the band came in. Tony, now has to listen and adapt to the song, keeping it new and fresh; in both my way and his own artistic swing on things. He is a great listener and is phenomenal in the studio. He’s everybody’s mind. He nails it. He has a universal connection. I see it with my own eyes.