ION INDIE MAGAZINE March 2017, Volume 34 | Page 67

Lyrically , vocalist / guitarist / keyboardist NATHANIEL M GROSH , pulls no punches . Whether calling out those in power on “ Ultra Violence ” or looking inward on “ Gray Imagination ”, Grosh appears to be searching for answers . In just 25 minutes of music , he nails the feeling of coming to terms with our new political climate in a digital world . The freedom afforded by adding a new player , also allowed Grosh to take his vocal performance in a more broad direction , and it pays off in a big way as the EP progresses .
Musically , the sonic ebbs and flows of this EP are like a lesson in the last 20 years of hard rock history . The groove-based heaviness , evokes vibes of TOOL , with the post hardcore feel of bands like THRICE . When they aren ’ t firmly tucked into a jazzy pocket , the album combines dreamy chord voicing with the angst that fans of CHEVELLE will recognize and adore . All of this is covered in a layer aggressive , yet tastefully applied effects-- akin to early NINE INCH NAILS and later day SMASHING PUMPKINS . The overarching glue that binds these styles together is a frenetic energy that demands your full attention . Don ’ t let its short track list fool you--this release covers a lot of ground and in no way feels incomplete . Each song is carefully crafted and it ’ s obvious to me that no stone was left unturned in the writing process .
TRACK LIST : Ultra Violence Hope Gray Imagination Under the Radar Plastic Strangers
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