ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 | Page 32

Jay: Tell the people who might not know, a little bit about St. Laz… St. Laz: I'm a Rapper that makes music that changes lives. I’m from the worst hood in New York City, Brownsville Brooklyn, and I've see the depths of hell. I put that hell in my music. Jay: What does St. Laz bring to the table that the average Rapper does not? St. Laz: My real life. I wear my heart on my sleeve and reveal who I truly am through my music. Most Rappers are just here to entertain you. I make music because it's therapeutic--the fans are like my psychiatrists. Jay: What is Pottersfield Television? St. Laz: It's a new music video show showcasing the best of the best underground Rappers from all over the world. It's on TV in 6 major cities and counting. I feel this show could change the world of Hip Hop and wake us up out this slumber of wackiness. Jay: You've done some impressive collabs…who's on your wish list? St. Laz: Right now I'm looking forward to a major R&B collab. I've learned that rapping for dudes doesn't really pay bills, so I have to expand and capture the female market's interest. I will never stop making raw Hip Hop, but my next big collab will be for the ladies. Jay: Who is the producer you'd most like to work with? St. Laz: I'm a fan of everyone that's cranking out raw beats, but I heard DJ Scratch at a Beat Battle a long time ago, and I can tell I'd make the greatest album of all time working with that dude.