ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 43

When I read that JIMMY EAT WORLD was coming here to El Paso , I thought to myself , this is one I can miss . Not that I didn ' t know who they were , but there was no interest on my part to cover the show . But while I was at the local premier venue TRICKY FALLS shooting EVERY TIME I DIE on the 17th , BOBBIE WELCH , one of the owners of the venue , informs me that pre-sales for Jimmy Eat World was at 800 and due to sell out . Needless to say , this has my attention . So on the 25th of February , when I arrived at Tricky , ticket sales are at 1200 , with walk ups set to consume the remaining 300 tickets . True to Bobbie ' s word , it sold out !
Jimmy Eat World has been around since 1993 , not to mention , they are my next door neighbors , seeing as I write this in the great state of New Mexico , and the boys are from Mesa , Arizona . They boast 22 years in “ business ”, with 9 releases to their credit--the latest being “ Integrity Blues ”, which dropped in October of last year , and which this tour was supporting .