Intelligent CIO Kuwait Issue 5 | Page 9

NEWS AI helps Kuwaiti doctors better diagnose heart conditions Kuwait based ITS wins global Islamic Finance award C loud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping doctors in Kuwait quickly gain a clearer and more accurate understanding of a cardiac patient’s heart condition with the first system of its kind to be deployed in the Middle East. Nearly 41% of all non-communicable disease deaths in Kuwait are attributable to cardiovascular disease; the newly installed GE Healthcare MRI solution will enhance diagnostics and enable practitioners to identify critical medical conditions at an early stage. The fast, accurate and non-invasive solution combines results from a cardiac MRI with analytics generated by GE Healthcare’s AI, cloud-based MRI post-processing ViosWorks, powered by ArterysTM. Installed at the Images Diagnostic Center, the solution provides real-time quantifiable data of the whole chest in less than 10 minutes, a fraction of the time of a conventional scan. It also delivers a resolution previously unattainable. This enhanced test more quickly and clearly allows physicians to see if the heart has been damaged from a heart attack, or if there is a lack of blood flow to the heart muscle because of narrowed or blocked arteries. The benefits for patient comfort are equally dramatic and offer a free-breathing option that is completed in as short a time as eight-minutes. The reduced imaging time also means facilities can use their equipment more efficiently. GE Healthcare installed the ViosWorks system with its partner Advanced Technology Company. I nternational Turnkey Systems Group (ITS), a market leading provider of comprehensive Shariah-compliant financial solutions, has been named as the ‘Best Islamic Finance Technology Provider 2019’ at the Global Islamic Finance Awards ceremony held in South Africa. 2019’ by the GIFA Awards Committee further highlights ITS as the market leading provider of innovative Shari’ah compliant IT solutions and emphasises our impressive track record of delivering proven technology solutions to the global Islamic financial services industry.” Essam Alkheshnam, International Turnkey Systems (ITS) CEO, said: “We are delighted to win this award again this year. The ‘Best Islamic Finance Technology Provider 2019’ accolade is an honour which highlights our continued dedication to delivering world class financial technology solutions that empower banks and financial organisations to remain abreast of innovation and thrive in today’s transforming economy. The ETHIX range is ITS’s flagship solution which provides multi-channeled corporate and retail products and services in Islamic finance and investment, including core banking, trade finance, branch automation, digital banking, dashboards and reports, in addition to other pioneering products and services. “The selection of ITS as the ‘Best Islamic Finance Technology Provider The solution is built on robust technologies designed to support financial institutions as they strive to reach operational excellence, accommodate growth and achieve cost leadership in financial services. n INTELLIGENTCIO 9