Intelligent CIO Kuwait Issue 5 | Page 10

LATEST INTELLIGENCE 90 DAYS: A CISO’S JOURNEY TO IMPACT PRESENTED BY Download whitepaper here C hief. Information. Security. Officer. The person in charge of protecting an organization’s information assets. The job title sounds so simple, even straight forward, and once upon a time it might have even been an accurate description of the role. It used to be enough to make sure all patches were up to date, network firewalls were in place, intrusion detection set-up, anti-virus installed, and everything on the network properly configured, locked down, and hardened. Being a CISO was primarily technical in nature, but times have changed. Realistically, the only thing unchanged about the CISO job is the title. Today, the responsibilities and skill-set required of a contemporary CISO have become much broader, all 10 INTELLIGENTCIO encompassing, and far more critical to the smooth running of the business. CISOs often require familiarity with new and highly sophisticated technologies such as Software Defined Networking, DevOps, Serverless, Containerization, IoT, Virtualization, Machine Learning, and Next-Gen everything in order to protect them. Not to mention The Cloud and all of its many facets. Then there is an ever expanding attack surface created by an explosive number of new users, more data, and more devices needing to be safeguarded. The threats to the enterprise posed by organized cyber-crime, nation-state actors, and even hacktivists are very real and an ever present way of life – 24x7x365.