Innovate Issue 5 October 2023 | Page 2


Learning to learn
Character education
Service and partnerships
1 Introduction : Mr Jesse Elzinga 2 Welcome : Mark Beverley , Hannah Barritt
4 Leadership development to improve teaching and learning : David Mansfield , Educational Consultant , Advisor , Trainer and Writer , Former Executive Headmaster Y . K . Pao School , Shanghai , Former Headmaster , Dulwich College , Beijing
8 Retrieval practice for a knowledge based curriculum : Giuliana Savini , Teacher of Classics
11 What do we mean by ‘ student engagement ’?: Mark Beverley , Director of Institute of Teaching and Learning
13 Reading matters : Jane Henshaw , former Head of English
15 Best practice guidelines for lesson observations : a proposal to move away from the appraisal season ‘ flurry of lesson observations ’ culture : Elen Harris , Teacher of Geography and ITL Research Fellow
18 What would it mean to put environmental sustainability at the heart of education ?: Paul Thompson , Head of Geography
21 The power and beauty of diversity : Why should and how can schools be diverse ?: Clare Ives , Deputy Head
25 The Sevenoaks sculpture trail : Charley Openshaw , Head of Art
27 Seeking to measure flourishing part 2 : A case study from the Kent Academies Network : Isla Philips-Ewen , Director of Kent Academies Network
30 ‘ Education as relation ’: The philosophy of care and ‘ reflective critical thinking ’: James Beck , Head of Philosophy and CCT
32 How can we help students become more resilient ?: Annabel Cordón Bates , Teacher of Drama and Trinity and LAMDA Speech and Drama
37 Music as a tool for language learning : Parsa Fouladi , Year 12 student
Innovate is our annual journal sharing the research and development work of our colleagues and students . The journal is designed to reflect an ever-growing narrative at Sevenoaks : one which engages actively with evidence and in research , to develop practice and policy driven by what is known to work in teaching and learning . We aim to bring into focus both elements of research-informed classroom practice that are shown to be effective , and also to reflect our holistic approach to education , in which personal and emotional development is as prominent as aspects traditionally referred to as cognitive or academic . We are keen to connect and work with other schools and research institutions , both locally and internationally , with some of our articles reflecting collaborative work of this nature .