Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 8

“What I discovered is a CRAVING for the CLEVER. Fresh ideas, life hacks, recipe reinventions – solving the little things in interesting ways and solving the bigger things with an improvement mindset. In other words, it is not about completely changing it all, but stepping up your choices whether you’re looking to make a standard meal more fun, more nutritious or just more interesting.” With tens of thousands of followers across her social channels, Holley believes her success has evolved from recognizing what different platforms offer and the different audiences she can reach on these. “I’ve found each platform has its own unique audience, so I try to adapt my messages accordingly,” says Holley. Likewise, juggling the struggle of every dietitian in balancing scientifically sound information while resonating with the public is something Holley still admits is a challenge, but has worked to master. She explains how she’s made it a mission to make “healthy” fun, practical and approachable through simple ideas, easy and nutritious recipes, and smart lifestyle tips. Images courtesy of @holleygrainger © Dietitian Connection 8 Infuse | March 2019