Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 34

Below: Anika at her first DAA event. Images courtesy of @shenanigansofadietitian . When speaking with Anika, it’s evident her true dietetics passion is wrapped up in her current PhD research. “Focused on young adults because they have the worst diet quality out of all other age groups and typically see most diseases as a ‘future-me problem,’ it’s important we find ways to better engage,” says Anika. “We also know young adults are the highest users of smartphones and social media. In fact, a typical young adult checks their phone 56 times a day. So, we’re looking at how we can use this medium to influence young adults to make healthier choices.” “In testing this, my research more specifically focuses on calcium intake because this is a critical period for developing peak bone mass. Our research shows over 70% of the females in my age group (19-30 years) are not having enough calcium. So, I’m working on developing an intervention for this population.” As a young dietitian, following the research pathway with an appetite for seeking innovative ways to engage young adults, so as to improve dietary habits, Anika is forging a career for herself, in her own way! We wish her all the best over the coming years and look forward to following her rise to stardom – we’re sure she’ll only continue to grow from here! LEARN MORE: @shenanigansofadietitian @anika_rouf Connect with Anika on LinkedIn © Dietitian Connection 34 Infuse | March 2019