Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 17

To be honest I really did this on a whim. Earlier in the week I had thought it would be a bit of fun to go down to Bondi dressed as a carrot and pea as I already had the costumes at home, and they always cause quite a stir! And of course we can’t let you go without chatting about the international publicity with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex)... Typically people hand royals flowers, but I knew that’d be easily forgettable, so I decided on vegetables, making sure they were in our range. Carrots and beetroot (which was hidden in the bouquet) were the most bouquet looking veggies I could find so I grabbed a few bunches. I also included a Nourishing Bubs card and a flyer to the bouquet, thinking it was too good an opportunity for brand promotion! The rest was really in fates hands... Images courtesy of Olivia Bates I stood there in my carrot costume and basically pushed my hand forward. I figured I had nothing to lose and fortunately the Duchess of Sussex took the gift! The response was overwhelming. Initially the Duchess responded, ‘Who doesn’t want a bunch of carrots?’ before commenting to Prince Harry ‘Look hun, we got some veggies.’ Within a few hours the story had gone viral, and landed in a host of national and international publications. I had personally had a really tough few months with family tragedies, and it was by chance I decided to get up early enough that morning. I truly believe it was a sign from above that everything was going to be ok – it caused quite the frenzy, and gave Nourishing Bubs some amazing profiling. LEARN MORE: @nourishingbubs @nourishingbubs © Dietitian Connection 17 Infuse | March 2019