Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 16

Food manufacturing can be a challenging obstacle. How did you do it? Likewise marketing a new product and finding stores to stock your brand requires a lot of work. How did you go about developing your marketing plan? It’s definitely not easy, especially when starting out – volumes are tiny and costs are high. I did a lot of research into suppliers and contract manufacturers. I also had the added benefit of having worked for Luz Almond (an almond milk manufacturer), so I wasn’t completely blind going into it. From my previous work, I’d had learned a lot about the importance of marketing and branding. With such a simple concept (single vegetables), I knew we needed to get the product branding right. I worked closely with a graphic designer to develop a concept I loved – something that was fun and cute, but also clean and simple. Many suppliers told me my volumes were too small, didn’t bother getting back to me or suggested I was setting myself up for failure, however I persevered. Initially I started getting frozen purees delivered from a commercial kitchen where I would fill moulds and blast-freeze, before popping out and packing them. As you can imagine it was extremely labour intensive. In terms of a marketing plan, initially it is just about building awareness so we used minimal cost, high return investment options such as Facebook ads and the use of influencers, as well as targeted trade shows. At the end of the day, social media has really been a strong avenue of marketing for us, with many of our customers finding us through Instagram. The addition of Lisa Wipfli, the wife of radio personality Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, as a part owner of Nourishing Bubs, has been incredibly beneficial in terms of getting our product into the hands of bloggers and influencers. Lisa is largely responsible for the marketing side of the business and is clearly nailing it for us! Fortunately my incredible suppliers approached me suggesting they contract manufacture the product – they knew we were only just starting out, believed in the product and were happy to work with us in producing small volumes. Never underestimate the importance of developing good relationships with suppliers or manufacturers – it really does pay off in spades if you get it right and I’m very grateful for those I have developed. © Dietitian Connection Interestingly enough, I literally met Lisa and Mike through babysitting, as I used this as another revenue steam while getting Nourishing Bubs up and running (yes, very humble beginnings). And which again is a lesson on the importance of building relationships! 16 Infuse | March 2019